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Spring Honey by confidences d'abeilles
Spring Honey by confidences d'abeilles
Spring Honey
Spring Honey by confidences d'abeilles
Spring Honey by confidences d'abeilles
Spring Honey by confidences d'abeilles

Spring Honey

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The freshness and sweetness of spring flowers

This limited edition captures the floral explosion of the first months of the year. Our bees have greatly benefited from the awakening of nature, the regeneration of the botanical environment to develop and collect a nectar of great purity. Bright, light and fresh, it transports to us flavours like dandelions, rapeseed, acacia and draws its fruity flavours from orchards (cherry trees, apple trees, blackthorns). Its discrete but surprising aromas make it a pleasant and invigorating honey.

A limited edition

Limited why? Limited because only our strongest colonies at the end of winter have been able to take full advantage of the spring floral bloom. In fact, hives with the most important populations were able to send thousands of foragers to attack the first flowers and thus gather the first nectars. Since these first blooms are quite short and subject to climatic hazards, the foragers must be fast enough to exploit their floral environment. We, beekeepers, are keeping a close eye on these harvests to take the honey at the right time and limit mixing with other, less subtle, floral species.

The pots are numbered by hand from 1 to 81 for 250g, 1 to 40 for 400g.

Perfumes & flavours

Its softness, freshness and lightness will amaze! It is a complex alchemy that bees offer us by transforming a limited number of nectars into this honey. Among these nectars: dandelion, clover, rapeseed, acacia, cherry, apple, blackthorn, and hawthorn.

It is a sweet honey, subtly flowery, and its fruit aromas make it refreshing.

Consumer tips

The lightness and freshness that characterize this honey make it accessible to the greatest number. It can also be consumed pure to appreciate its subtleties, with toasts, or as an accompaniment to dishes with little marked flavours. Slightly tart, it will go well with pineapple, kiwi, or orange in a composition or in a sauce.

Even if he will brilliantly sugar herbal tea, you will not get the best of it. The aromas and complexity of this honey would then be destroyed and masked. 

Conservation and crystallization

The presence of rapeseed in this honey causes a quick crystallization. It is a natural evolution of honey and the speed of the phenomena varies according to its glucose / fructose content. To make it liquid again, it will be necessary to heat it in a bain-marie without ever exceeding 40 ° C.

This honey can be kept 2 years. To preserve the flavours, it is advisable not to leave the honey exposed to the air and close the pot well after each use.